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Our Story

In the spirit of never settling for ordinary, the NOM team pushes the boundaries of what a bite-sized treat can be to create real magic. Our delicious, quality products bring joy and delight the senses. We’re here to challenge the boring norms. Every day, we’re seeking ways to make things better, more of an experience and even more delicious.
NOM stands for phenomenal experiences that indulge your senses. Mixing flavours, layers and textures to combine the familiar with the unexpected. It’s about taking simple everyday ingredients and ideas, then spinning a little magic to turn them into something phenomenally delicious. Goodbye boring, hello NOM.
We create bite-size, right size treats you can enjoy, free from guilt. When you deserve a little treat or a pick-me-up, it’s the perfect amount of indulgence. NOM is a little happy moment that magically transports you out of the everyday world.

We’re super proud to be creating NOM. Delicious products that bring joy, provide a little magic for an uplifting boost and deliver unexpected moments of eyes wide open delight.