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Mochi Coconut Ice Cream Bites

Cheeky Chocolate

Get a choco-lot of this!

Calling all chocolate fans, here’s a delicious new way to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Trust us NOM Mochi Bites will take your tastes buds on a crazy chocolatey adventure.

We’ve taken balls of creamy chocolate coconut ice cream and lovingly wrapped them in soft rice dough to create cheeky chocolate bites of mind-blowing deliciousness.

How to mochi
Everyone has their favourite way, but here’s our suggestion. Take your NOM Mochi out of the freezer to sit for around 3-5 minutes. This is so that the delicious outer dough and cool, creamy coconut ice cream inside can soften just a little. They say that good things take time and a NOM Mochi experience is no exception.